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The Iceberg

February 15, 2012
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A great  customer service trainer I once had, shared with me a metaphor that has never left my mind to this day. It was a simple concept but had so much meaning.

“A customer is like an iceberg, there is more going on under the water then you may at first be aware of.”

What does this mean?

Simply put; the next time  you have an upset customer, think about what may be going on in their life.  It could have nothing to do with why they called in.

A great example:

A customer of one of my agents escalated to me once.  She was very irate, upset over a great number of things, from the bill, to the service, to the company. After listening to her concerns, relating to her, she chose to share with me, that she had recently been diagnosed with cancer.  Can you imagine?  My heart went out to her, and in that moment I understood, that very often we can fail to see the REAL reason for someones discontent. Until we dig deeper we will never truly know whats going on.

Dont judge your customers. Listen to them, relate to them, and maybe you might have a friend, and a client for life.

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